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    Solutions for reducing glare on new iMacs
    Okay, I know this is a "hot" topic, but has anyone come up with a good solution in reducing glare in the new iMac screens? I've always had a matte screen mac and been very pleased. I just purchased a new 27" iMac last night, set it up last night and I was impressed. This morning I sat down and it was like looking into a mirror! I could see everything behind me like it was a second screen. Surely, people don't try to work like this...


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    Just make sure it isn't pointed in the direction of direct sunlight, lights etc, close blinds/ curtains if you have too, also you can turn the brightness of the screen up to compensate.

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    I tell folks to either try and relocate the iMac or think strongly about a Mini and a monitor. I know it's not the solution you want to hear, but I am not a big fan of all those films and screen protectors. Just my two cents.

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