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Dr.Dre'del 02-02-2011 04:34 PM

How do I permenantly disable internal mini speaker?
I am using my mini as a media center device and the sound is being piped out to my receiver via HDMI.

This works perfectly.

HOWEVER. If something is playing (a movie or a song) and I just shut off the receiver (rather than kill all the apps that are producing sound), the receiver informs the mini via HDMI that it is no longer receiving info and the mini switches to playing the sound from its internal speaker.

I don't ever want to use the internal speaker. Ever never. (ever).

Is there a way to simply deactivate it so that it never produces any more sound?

Thanks in advance.

hughvane 02-02-2011 07:58 PM

Does the speaker have a cable? If so, simply cut it. Or, if my observation is correct, pull the spade connector But you'll need to 'get inside' to do it.

If you cut the cable, think ahead. One day you may decide to sell your Mini. Once the speaker cable is cut, join one end into a miniature plastic cable connector, and wrap the other cable end with insulating tape. If the spade is pulled, wrap it in tape. Internal speaker can then be reconnected if required.

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