my respects to all of you well-adept at computer repair. i myself am not and in need of assistance...

i've got a 15.4" macbook pro (A1286). the LCD cracked, so i bought a new one and attempted installation. HUGE pain in the ***. i ended up damaging the LVDS cable in attempts to connect it with the new LCD. the connecting port on the LCD looks fine but the LVDS had frayed teeth. bought a new LVDS cord and attempted installation again. both ends of the LVDS are seated well (so it appears to me), enough so that the little clips are secured and the pins are in place. after reassembly and power up, the screen stays gray -- that's it. i can adjust the volume, play with the brightness and make the screen black...but i can't get any other visual.

is it the LVDS connection? the new LCD? i've been searching for someone with a similar problem to no avail.

i'm rather desperate at this point. this has been a $300 two-week headache. i suppose next time i'll just pay someone else to do it!

any thoughts would be GREATLY appreciated!
thank you