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    Restoring to out of the Box Condition?
    ive decided me and the Mac dont get on so im going to sell it
    Theres nothing wrong with it but i just dont get on with it so would like to return it to how it was when i unboxed it back in November

    question is how do i do that?
    I havnt used it all that much so theres nothing of any great importance on it but id like the new owner to be able to boot it up as theirs

    I fear that if i put it back to factory out the box it will expect my name on set up?

    Please advise


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    You can use the disks that came with the machine to format the disk and do a fresh install on the computer.
    It will ask for your name etc, but just set those to "User" or whatever then they have the option to create a new admin account or just use that one.
    They could also do the same steps as above if they really want to customise the machine to be "theirs" if they want to.

    - Simon

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