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Thread: new mac mini ram question

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    new mac mini ram question
    Hi, i just upgraded from an asus netbook to a mac mini and im wondering if i can use the 2gb module in my netbook in the ram to save buying two new ram modules

    the spec for he module i have is

    2GB, 204-pin SODIMM, DDR3 PC3-8500 upgrades for ASUS Eee PC 1018P (DDR3 Series) Netbook, CT1546865 from

    looking at it i cant tell any difference between the one i have and the one recommended for mini by crucial other than product number

    mc mini ram from crucial
    also im wondering if i were to buy a 4 gb module is it worth leaving 1 gb in to make it 5 or to to leave one slot empty

    thanks if anyone can help

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    Both your links above are the same. However, the ASUS memory modules will work in the Mini since they are the same spec.

    For best results....

    When you buy modules for the Mini, you should get them from the same supplier and do not leave a slot empty. Buy 2 x 2GB modules or 2 x 4GB modules and do not mix and match. MacIntosh computers are generally more picky about what type of memory is used.

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