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    MacPro 32" display goes black
    This is a fully loaded MacPro, about four years old, i forget the video card but it's sufficient to drive two 32-inch cinema displays.

    I usually just use one.

    A few weeks ago the screen started going off.

    Most of the time you can just hit the button and get it back on, sometimes it's more frequent, sometimes it will just do it a few times and then stop.

    I've swapped power supplies and displays, i can't find a pattern.

    Both monitors and both power supplies work fine on a crappy old PC.

    Any guesses? Could it be the video card?


    Dave Silva

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    Any guesses? Could it be the video card?
    Probably, since you have already ascertained that both monitors and power supplies are OK. Do you have a spare video card that you can swap in? It doesn't necessarily need to have a dual output.

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