Here is my setup:

iMac (27inch), hard wired to my router, which is then hard wired to my Dune Base 3.0 media player.

When I download any High Def content (Tekzilla weekly episodes), and put them in my shared folder on my Mac, the media player takes -2 minutes- from when I press 'play' to when the file actually starts playing.

When I'm in Windows..however (Bootcamp), I have a folder shared, with the exact same thing in the shared folder (high def videos like Tekzilla)..guess what? From when I press 'Play' on the media player (Dune Base 3), to when the file starts playing, it is within 10 seconds. A drastic difference.

In OSX, I do have 'Windows File Sharing' selected.

Why is file sharing on OSX so slow, compared to Windows?