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Thread: startup disk warning, can't empty trash

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    startup disk warning, can't empty trash
    I am unable to open Adobe INDD currently with a pop up stating that 'Adobe INDD needs 5120 kilobytes of disk space on "".' I have attempted to relieve the problem by trashing many things out of my files AND parts of my old systems like Pagemaker and an HP laserjet folder that are obsolete for my needs, but its not doing anything for this issue. There are some files in my trash that are 'locked'- they were loaded onto my computer via a thumb drive- and won't allow me to empty the trash, which I think might take care of this problem. Any ideas on how to address this?

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    The link above takes you to a page almost totally devoted to Empty Trash problems. There are many suggestions offered.

    It is said that many problems exist because a previous EHD or Thumb Drive was used, files etc were deleted, but the Trash Bin was not emptied before the EHD or Thumb Drive was disconnected.

    If you still have the Thumb Drive, reconnect and it should work.

    If not, the Link tells you how to Command an Empty Trash via Terminal etc.

    Hope something there works.


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