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    Hi there, wonder if anyone has any ideas as what,s wrong! Mac will connect to internet no problems, doc appears at the bottom, thinn bar at the top loads but no home page, If i click safari in the doc no page opens up, all you see is the screen saver! If i go to the bookmarks and click on a page i wish to open, i get a grey blank box with the title of each book mark, then it closes down and asks if i wish to report to apple, on pressing yes, it says it can not be done at this time! If i then try and forse quit, it says i have several tabs open? Any ideas??
    Many thanks

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    If you have Firefox installed, or can access the web from another computer, I would download the Safari 5.0.3 installer from Apple's Support website and reinstall Safari. If Firefox isn't installed, you could download it on another computer, save the installer on a thumb drive or burn it to a blank CD.

    We had an issue with Outlook a while back not loading any HTML, and the solution was to reinstall Safari, because Outlook uses Safari's Webkit to load images.

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