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Thread: Time Capsule backup not working after HD replacement

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    Time Capsule backup not working after HD replacement
    I’ve just replaced a very dead hard drive in my iMac G5 and done a complete Restore using my Time Machine backup located on my Time Capsule (a very lengthy process as it was over 600GB of data).

    Anyway, now I have the iMac back as I want it, I find that I am no longer able to backup onto the same Sparse Bundle folder on the Time Capsule. It mounts the disk on the desktop and then displays “Preparing” as usual. Then after a while, without having copied any data, it changes to “Finishing Backup”. It then reverts back to “Preparing” and cycles between the two apparently ad infinitum (I left it for several hours without result) . When I examine the file structure of the backup, there is a file called “in progress” but it is empty. I’ve tried various suggestions, including deleting the Time Capsule p-list and even the last backup, but to no avail.

    I am able to manually drag files from the iMac to the TC (and vica-versa) PLUS I can restore files using Time Machine – but not backup. Anyone ideas would be greatly received.

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    If you are not in the habit of regularly going back in time and extracting old versions of files, I would just delete the sparsebundle and start Time Machine again. It should then start a new, clean backup.

    My Time Capsule power supply failed and Apple replaced it, but I lost my backup data. (They gave me the option of an immediate in store replacement (lose the data) or send mine out for 5 days for repair (keep the data)). I walked out of the store with a new TC in hand. Went home and started Time Machine over. Within a couple weeks, not having 2.5 years worth of old files was a non-issue.

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