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    Jan 21, 2011
    CD drive on PowerPC G3 not working
    I have a sweet, old (but still working well) PowerPC G3 but now I find that cds/dvds aren't working. You put in any cd/dvd into the tray, the tray closes and...absolutely nothing... no whirring or humming noise, no recognition that it has anything - the tray still goes in and out though. Does this mean a trip to the tech-y? I thought it might have been because I had too many peripherals but I turned them off and restarted but still nothing. Thanks if you can help!

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    Jan 21, 2011
    OK, not working sporadically
    Well, I just woke it up from a sleep and lo and behold it's working again. Nice to know it's not a mechanical fault...

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    What model G3 are you discussing? If it is a blue and white tower changing optical drives is a simple task. Sure sounds like the drive is getting a little iffy.
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    Right. If it's a B&W G3, CD drives for it are a dime a dozen, and installation should be fairly easy.

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    If I was you I would turn off sleep mode. Do to the age of the machine one day it may not wake up.

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