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    Intel Cube
    So I am building a Mac, in a way. I just ordered myself two Mac Cubes to play with when I realized that almost quite literally you can fit a Mac Mini, or even a few within the Cube's Core. I want to complete Apple's dream with building a Cube Pro. By using three unibody Mac Minis (obviously ripping out the logic boards) I want to cluster them together to have six cores of 2.66GHz power. Running with 24GB of RAM. Then having three 64GB SSD (got to save some space somewhere) for the drives.

    Am I crazy to go any further than just having two sweet ol' cubes?

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    Why's that a hackintosh? It's all apple hardware..

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    Quote Originally Posted by kamyio View Post

    Am I crazy to go any further than just having two sweet ol' cubes?
    Sounds like an interesting project (if it wasn't for the high cost)...but you might be forgetting one thing...cooling. Stacking 3 Mac-mini's on top of each other inside a Mac-cube going to generate a lot of heat.

    But yes...I think that you are crazy! Three 2.66ghz Mac-mini's will cost ($850 x 3 = ~ $2550) + ($150 x 3 =$450) = $3000!!! I think that you can do a lot better with that $3000 buying something else.

    Besides...this project would destroy 2 Mac-Cubes!

    - Nick

    p.s. What I would suggest is...try doing the same project...but do it with 3 older G4 Mac-mini's (about $350-$450)...and skip the SSD drives. This way you can work out the "kinks" first before spending $3000.
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    @harry, ya sorry if it had the wrong impression. It's all Mac stuff, minus the SSDs, but I am just hacking a bunch of macs together.

    @Pigoo, agreed the cost would be crazy, and I think I will try using older intel minis, maybe. The reason why I want new ones because they are flatter, if I use older minis I can only fit two. The Cubes come in on Monday so once I check them out I will see what I want to do with them. Maybe just two new minis and a few SSDs. Apple wanted the Cube to be a mini Power Mac, I want to make that a reality, but a dual core just wont cut it. Quad is almost perfect.

    Thanks for your replies so far!

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