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Thread: Minidisplay port to ADC

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    Minidisplay port to ADC
    I have a new imac 27 inch I3. I wanted to connect an old mac monitor I have- Studio Display 17. I thought this was a DVI but it turns out it is a larger plug - from looking on the web I think it might be ADC?

    Is there any adapter I can get to connect the minidisplay port on the imac to the Studio Display with (what I think is) ADC?

    Many thanks

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    I don't think so. ADC is an old video technology from Apple...where Apple tried to minimize the number of cables by having both the power & video go thru the same single cable.

    Apple used to sell an ADC to DVI adapter ($99)...but they don't sell it anyone. From what I can find...those that are available now are selling for a $250-$400. It looks like this: Apple M8661LL/B DVI to ADC Display Adapter 4038234011420: Electronics

    This adapter provides power to the monitor & converts the ADC to DVI (full sized DVI).

    There is another product like this: - BELKIN F2E9142-WHT Apple Monitor ADC to DVI Adapter

    ...which converts ADC to DVI (still need a DVI to mini-display port) does not provide power. And I don't think that the video-out port on a iMac is powerful enough to provide the power (electricity) to drive an external monitor.

    The bottom line could cost you more in various video adapters to get your old Apple monitor working with your new iMac...then it would cost to just purchase a used or newer LCD monitor of the same size.

    Hope this helps,

    - Nick
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