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    problems with new mac mini...
    hi all, i just got my mac mini on friday and i am having problems with it.
    i've been ripping my cd's onto the mini, same cd's i ripped onto my powerbook except i am ripping them as wav onto the mini because i am going to stream the music to my stereo (using a roku soundbridge).
    twice yesterday and once today the mini would freeze up while a cd is ripping, the cd's were in brand new condition, so i dont think that the problem. all three times i had to turn the mini off, turn it back on to spit out the cd, and then continue to turn it on and off until it finally goes into tiger (it stays on the startup screen and does nothing). its off right now, going to turn it on when i am done typing this. hoping i dont have to reinstall again, i had to do that yesterday. i already ripped about 25gb worth of music on there, i really dont want to do that crap again.
    any ideas on what is going on? i had no problems with my powerbook when i got it, ripped 60 cd's onto it in a 2 day span and it did all of them just fine.

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    Are they Dual Discs? I had problems with those on my mini.

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    what are dual discs?
    my mini has a superdrive if that helps, its the newer one without a modem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slick
    what are dual discs?
    discs where one side is CD audio and the other is DVD. The CD side isn't exactly the standard CD format though so it doesn't work in all drive.

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    nope, it wasnt one of those. although i did rip one of those and it went fine (rob thomas cd). its still not turning on, i'll try again in a bit, otherwise i'll just reinstall os x tomorrow, though i dont know if i can do all that ripping again. might just transfer all the songs off my ipod instead.

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