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    Error 4HDD/11/40000000 : SATA(0,0)
    I have been having issues with my mac and I did a hardware test and i got this error 4HDD/11/40000000 : SATA(0,0)

    Apple said that is in references to the connection of my hard drive and my computer...It could be the actual hard drive or my actual logic board.

    I am out of warranty so I can't take it to the Apple Store to be fixed so one way I figured of trouble shooting is...

    I have two other 1.5 tera HDs in that computer. They are not full but have important data. Could I install a small leopard partition on one of those drives, and if it boots okay and runs smoothly then I know its that particular drive, and i will replace it. If it runs terribly then I know its a bigger problem.

    Is that possible do like a 200 gig partition and then easily just erase it after? Will it let me do that? Can u have multiple leopard partitions on one machine? How do I go about doing this? I only created a partition via bootcamp in the past. Do I create the partition first or do I boot from the install disks and it gives me the option. Thanks.

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    Did you have any luck sorting this error out

    I did a hardware test on my iMac and I'm getting the same error code

    I haven't got a spare hdd so I'm not sure if I want to risk buying a new one just to find out its the Logic board and basically scrapping the whole thing

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