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lacurandera 01-16-2011 07:48 PM

mac mini hangs on blue screen. idk if this is a hardware issue or not.
i'm a new mac user and have really tried to read all i could besides the 60 dollar unix book at the book store about commands, but...i'm running out of options.

mac blue screened one day, all i was doing was screwing around online. every subsequent reboot seems to hang at the blue screen, which i read may indicate a problem with start up items. but...i don't know how to manipulate my start up items bc......

it will ONLY boot from the os disk and in single user mode. it won't boot in verbose or safe mode.

i have fscked, and mounted and looked at my logs in SUM (although i didn't know how to do this until the original crash log was buried under commands i had fooled around with. :( ) fsck says volume file counts are off, fixes it, but then with every reboot, the volume counts are off again. i can SEE the file or whatever for startup items after i ls library, but idk how to get into the start up items.

i ran disk utility, too. it repaired some ****, but still no dice. obviously, i'd like to attempt to keep my files and not have to do a clean reinstall. and, no, i have no back ups, and i didn't have time machine hooked up. it's a 9 month old apple. i didn't expect this.

i'm tech retarded anyways, so trying to learn this stuff was...well, sorta fun for about 2 hours. but...i'm about done. lol.

oh, and....i'm running snow leopard, so, 10.6, i guess. oh, and it won't boot in open firmware, either. i also reset pram

justin_clark93 01-16-2011 10:17 PM

Sounds like your hard drive died. Try to boot with your apple hardware test disk (comes with the computer) by pressing c after you hear the charm and run the test.

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