Hello everyone,

I don't usually post on these thread as every trouble i've ever had with my mac has been asked and answered by someone before (thanks for that)

Over new year I decided to bring my PowerMac G4 out of retirement to use as a media centre / fileserver

I have just freshly installed OSX and for some reason any piece of software I try to install will install but then when I run it it briefly appears in the dock then vanishes without running the software

Any piece of software installed under OSX (itunes, dvd plater imovie etc) works fine.

any ideas i'm totally stuck????

Also on two side notes the system preferences application seems to have vanished from my application folder any idea how to find it or reinstall it without re-installing OSX again.

and finally i tried to instal and IDE hard disk from my old media centre computer (it has XBMC as the operating system on it) and for some reason the computer will not boot with this hard disk set as a slave is there a way to format it before the computer tries to boot into OSX??

Sorry for all the questions any help would be much appretiated