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    Another Memory Upgrade Question
    Iíve been reading these forums for awhile and this is my first post. Iíve searched this topic and found as much as I could find, but I still feel the need to ask my question. Please forgive the redundancy, but Iím just trying to understand this whole memory upgrade thing.

    Iím about to purchase a 2.93GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7 imac, and I am hoping to clarify my memory situation. I would like 16GB of RAM, but I think appleís price ($900 w/educator discount) is quite steep. Looking at OWC, I can get 4x4GB for $229.99, which leaves me curious about the enormous price differential.

    I guess my question is, with such a big price gap, is there a difference in quality/performance? If not, why does apple charge so much? If the RAM apple uses is truly superior, I will probably only want to upgrade to 8GB (2x4GB) through apple and leave the final 2 slots open for a later upgrade. Would it be wiser to just order the standard 2x2GB and replace it with 4x4GB through OWC ($229), or just upgrade to 8GB through apple ($360)? The only reason I ask is because it almost seems too good to be true that I could get 16GB for way less than Iíd pay for 8GB through apple.

    Thanks for the advice and again, I apologize for posting on a topic that has probably been beaten to death.

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    We all want to know why Apple would charge that much and lose out on so many sales, too!
    Yes, you can be fully confident in OWC's memory - quality no different than Apple's.

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