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    Question Mac mini RAM & HDD upgrade - what to choose?
    I have mid. 2007 Mac mini (Intel Core 2 Duo 1.83GHz, 667MHz 2x512MB DDR2 SDRAM, 80GB 5400rpm SATA-I). I would like to upgrade my mini with new 2x1GB RAM and some 320GB HDD. In my local store I have these:

    For RAM

    Transcend DDR2 1Gb (1024Mb) PC5300 667MHz, sodimm
    Kingmax DDR2 1Gb (1024Mb) PC5300 667MHz, sodimm
    Kingston DDR2 1GB (10248MB) PC5300 667MHz, sodimm, KEKVR667D2S51G (this one is very pricey)

    For HDD

    Seagate Momentus ST9320325AS, 320Gb 5400rpm 16MB cache Serial ATA 2.5", 5400.6
    WD 320GB Scorpio Blue WD3200BEVT, 5400rpm, 8MB cache, Serial ATA II-300, 2.5"
    WD 320GB Scorpio Black WD3200BEKT, 7200RPM, 16MB cache, Serial ATA II-300, 2.5"
    Hitachi GST Travelstar 5K500.B, 320 GB, 5400rpm, 8MB, 2.5" SATA2

    Which one RAM and HDD should I choose? Any experience with these?

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    Go to these guys:


    ...and get what you need there. They specialize in Mac' everything should be fully compatible, and work fine.

    - Nick
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