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    G5 OS X installation Problems...
    Ok so

    I have a G5 PowerPC tower with a broken super drive and a freshly formated 250GB hard drive. format:Mac OS extended (journaled), partition map scheme: Apple Partition Map.

    This is an original hard drive but the old OS was corrupted so someone formated it. And then I went and re formated it again, zeroing it out and setting the map scheme to the right one for PowerPC. When mounted via firewire the Hard drive works fine, so its not busted.

    Now i have the OS X 10.4 disks but for the life of me can't get it to install on the new drive.

    My laptop is a new Macbook Pro 10.5.8.

    attempt #1:

    Putting disk in Macbook Pro, turning powerpc on in target mode. then restarting my machine. resulting in my laptop restarting a bunch of times, and never making it to the install prompt.

    attempt #2:

    Booting the PowerPC then booting the Macbook Pro in target disk mode. This results in the PowerPC to make it to the apple logo with spinning loading circle below. Then it craps out and gives the classic apple death screen, telling you to restart. However there is a bunch of command line code overlaying on this screen saying stuff about the PowerPC. But nothing about failing or anything.

    WHAT else can I do????

    How can I install the OS on the PowerPC with out having to restart my laptop?? How can I install it over firewire? ideas anyone?

    Anyone have ANY ideas, anything at all??? THANKS SO MUCH!!!

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    You may be able to install Tiger on the G5 by using an external optical drive. The problem is that the G5 may not be able to boot from a USB optical drive. However, if you get hold of an external optical drive with a firewire connection and everything else is OK on the G5, you should be able to boot it and install.

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