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    Seriously malfunctioning trackpad and mouse cursor
    Hi there - just read other threads about dodgy trackpads and nothing appears to apply to my trackpad problem. My 2.5 year old MacBook Pro had a major system crash in November so is now in hospital in the UK (I live in Morocco). In the interim I bought a brand new MacBook Pro which I've had since November 19th. Two days ago the trackpad started jittering around the screen for a few minutes - and wouldn't react to my fingers at all. It was even pressing buttons and dragging stuff on it's own. Then it calmed down. The process repeated a few times over the last two days. This morning it was working fine then just lost the plot this afternoon and hasn't recovered. I've just about managed to access this forum by using a mouse but even that's a hard job as the cursor has still got a life of its own. The keyboard is clean - having been anally wiped very gently with a not quite damp cloth, I've turned it upside down (while switched off) and blown on it to eliminate any possible crumb blockages, I've rebooted umpteen times, and in desperation I've even downloaded MagicTrackpadMultiTouch Upd 1.0 - which was pointless. It is under warranty and I do have insurance - but will have to wait until Feb to sort in the UK. In the meantime I have to work - so any other suggestions would more than gratefully received. Um, I'm not a teccy.
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    Try this: Open System Preferences, and go to Universal Access. Select the box that says "Ignore built in Trackpad................."

    See if that helps. It's kind of a temporary fix at least until you return to the UK and can get it repaired or replaced.

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