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    G3 system requirements for high speed internet
    I have a G3 and a 9.2 OS.
    The cable internet people say requirements are
    (1) power PC 603/200MHz for macOS 9x or
    (2) Power mac G3 for Mac OS 10x

    Do you think the G3/9.2 is ok?
    Thanks - pete

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    It should be fine, I've never had any issues running older G3 macs with high speed internet (although all have OS X). Can you give some more specific info on your mac?

    Click on the apple in the top corner, and go to "About this Mac" or "System Profiler." Then, find out the MHZ version of your processor from that.

    Really, I think the only other prerequisite for high speed internet would tend to be having an ethernet port.

    I have a 366Mhz iBook Clamshell and a 400 Mhz Powermac G4 on my DSL line. I just sold a 350Mhz Powermac G3 and 450 Mhz Powermac G3 to friends. Those both are on DSL lines right now. All of those have OS X 10.3 Panther on them, however.

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