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    iMac HD
    Hi, I'm looking into getting a new internal HD for my iMac G5 20" with iSight (old white one). I was wondering if this iMac has a SATA interface for the HD. I was also wondering if you know of any good HD's for this iMac. Any help would be appreciated.

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    According to MacTracker your G5 20" with iSight has a SATA bus for the hard drive, so yes, you can use a SATA hard drive.

    One of the best places to buy a new hard drive from is Other World Computing. Here is their URL LINK. Look under the section for 3.5" desktop and tower hard drives.

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    If you've never opened an iSight iMac before, I advise against it. The case is not easy to remove, and the wires for the camera and microphone are very easy to rip. Removing the case requires fishing in the air vents for two latches either side of the LCD with a flat card, kinda like a credit card. It requires a steady hand and a whole lot of patience. If you aren't comfortable with that, I recommend an external drive.

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