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    Mac mini to HD tv problems.
    Hello. I am new here but have had my mini for 2 years.

    I have it connected to my TV via a Dvi to HDMI lead, and when i first connected it about 18 months ago it was in glorious HD. But a few months back it went a bit funny, the screen is in quite poor quality, the blacks have lines all over them and over all the picture quality is very poor.

    I have tried to change the settings in the system preferences, i have tried to auto detect setting but this does not seem to make any difference. If i change the settings the screen goes blank and i have to re-start in safe mode.
    Like i say one minuete it worked, the next it did not.

    Does anyone have any ideas, it's making me not want to connect to my TV at all.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Does it work fine on a regular monitor? Also can you get the chance to try it on someone else's HD TV? If it works fine on their's then it would more than likely be your TV, if not, then try replacing the DVI-HDMI lead, if the problem persists then it could be the graphics card in the mini that needs replacing.

    Hope this helps.

    - Simon

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    It does work fine on the normal monitor. I have changed the HDMI lead, as for the graphics card, is it not an onboard graphics card, therefore it can not be changed.

    Thanks or the help.

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