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Thread: Mdd g4 overclock

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    Mdd g4 overclock
    I have recently purchased a mdd g4 case with power supply, logic board combo from ebay. I aded some other components to it and now have a working machine. The problem Im having is that I cant figure out which logic board I have. I also purchased a dual 1ghz 133mhz processor card from ebay which is out of a mdd server.I have called a local apple reseller/repair center and they spent about 30 minutes trying to pinpoint exactly which logic board I have with no luck. Everything is working fine but the problem Im having is that I want to run the system bus at 167mhz. I have located the article showing how to remove the R676 resistor on the logic board in order to bump to system up to 167mhz but mine's already removed! I looked on the daughter card for the overclock and the r22 is already removed (which is what you're supposed to remove in order to have the system recognize the frequency change from the logic board). So now Im stumped and looking for a place I can find the correct specifications on the logicboard I have. The number is 820-1453-a.

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    The slower bus was standard on the first MDD model, the second and third series had the faster bus as standard; if the resistor is missing then the board is from either the second or third series.
    From Low End Mac ( "bus: 133 MHz on 867 MHz model; 167 MHz on faster models."

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    Badger is right, and according to Mactracker the MDD server ran at 167MHz.

    The only MDDs running at 133MHz were the Dual 867MHz (1st series with FW400) and the 1.0GHz (2nd series with Firewire 800).

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