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    Smile Imac help - decsions
    Hi all,

    i have just signed up to the fourms and as i need some advice.

    I am looking to buy and Imac but i am a little confused on which one to buy, i will be buying one of the new models but i am not sure which one so i was hoping a member could help me out here.

    bascially, i have 2 options, i can buy this one -

    APPLE iMac MB952B/A Refurbished Desktop PC at cheap prices | PC World - comes with a HD 256 Mb Radeon Graphics card


    Apple Refurbished Desktops from PC World - Get Apple Refurbished Desktops online here - just a 256 GeoForce card.

    i think the specs are all the same apart from thouse, the price varies though. maybe some GB differs.

    what one would be worthwhile getting, as i know you can upgrade youre memory and RAM at a later date.

    i know its probably a stupid question...



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    The links you provided are for refurbished models. Are you looking to purchase a refurbished machine or new one? If refurbished, it's best to buy direct from Apple as you will receive a "like new" machine fully warranted by Apple.

    My choice would be the machine with the ATI Radeon graphics, but that's just me. It might be best to go to a local Apple store there in the UK and try out the iMacs they have on display for yourself before purchasing.

    And, welcome to the Mac Forums.

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