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    Fire Wire HD Crashes PowerMac
    I have a U.S. Logic 60GB External FW HD that doesn't like my Mac. Every time I attempt to use this drive it not only locks up, but locks up my entire computer, forcing me to shut down using the button on the front of the computer. The drive works for about 20-30 seconds before this occurs. It's not the FW HD because it works perfectly on my 17 inch Power book. The FW ports work just fine to capture Video for FCP & iMovie. I tried the option-apple-R-P on restart and that hasn't helped. Please help me, without this working I'm forced to work at the office instead of in my bathrobe and this can't continue.

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    thats strange i was gonna say maybe its the drive until i saw that it works perfectly. what version of OS are you using

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    When I got the drive I was on 10.2.6 but updated to 10.2.8, the same as the powerbook that runs fine with the drive.

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    Jul 22, 2003
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    20" iMac C2D 2.16ghz, 13" MacBook 2.0ghz, 60gb iPod vid, 1gb nano
    im not sure if this would affect it but they always say to start them up in this order

    1. have mac already on
    2. plug the hd into the ac power
    3. plug firewire into mac

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    Assuming you have extra firewire ports, have you tried using different ones on the system that crashes?

    If you wanna diagnose something lets go over the 4 or 5 easiest possibilities.

    1. Bad drive: ( works on other system, that's out )
    2. Bad Cable: ( works on other system )
    3. Bad Firewire Port on crashing system: ( Dunno )
    solution: Use another known working firewire device on the crashing system's firewire port to test if its working properly
    4. Corrupt OS: ( dunno )
    solution: If another firewire device is working on the same port, on the crashing system, maybe there's a corrupt file or something, and doing a first aid repair might help.
    5. Can't figure it out
    solution: Throw everything out of the window

    I did IT work on pc's for a very long time, this is kinda the way you trouble shoot a PC, but in theory this still applies to macs. There's probably a few other things I don't know that you can do on Mac, but hopefully this is a start.

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    I've tried this and other orders (which maybe I shouldn't have)

    I've also have two firewhire ports which both work fine for importing video off a DV camera into FCP 3 & iMovie.

    I will work on the First aid of the OS, but I'll admit ignorance in maintainence (probably why i'm in this position in the first place) and would appreciate suggestions on resources or software.

    Thanks in advance.

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