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jfunkhouser 01-05-2011 04:00 PM

Imac will not turn on?

I have a Imac 7,1 Model No A1225 that has worked flawless since day 1 (3 years ago).

I turned the computer off New Years Eve and just tried to power it on today, nothing..... I tried to reset the SMC, didn't work. If I hold the power button in for 5 seconds it will make a sound that sounds like the hard drive starting up, almost like a scratching sound that happens twice. It will not make it past that point.

Any ideas?

chscag 01-05-2011 10:10 PM

Have you tried to boot your iMac with the original install DVD and run some checks? You can check the hard drive and other hardware by using the install DVD and run the Apple Hardware Test. See this LINK.

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