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    FireWire connection to migrate data from MacBook Pro to iMac
    I purchased an iMAC (OS X 10.6) and I'm trying to transfer data from my MacBook Pro (OS X 10.5) using Migration Assistant. I connected the 2 computers (FireWire 800) and followed the instructions in Migration Assistant. I pressed the T key while rebooting MacBook Pro until I saw the FireWire sign on the display. Unfortunately, I'm stuck; the computer is not continuing the boot.

    Please, help. Thanks.

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    No need! The MacBook Pro is now a firewire harddrive accessible from the iMac. You can just grab what you need from it.
    Cambridge Paul

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    Target disk mode bypasses the operating system and turns your computer into a dumb hard drive. At that point, all you need to do is connect it to your main computer with a firewire cable, run Migration Assistant and follow the prompts. Once you are finished, eject the drive from your main computer as you would any external hard drive (Command-E, drag to the trash, File->Eject, etc.), disconnect the cable and press the power button on the old computer to power it down.

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