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    Thinking about getting a New Mac (Mac mini?)
    I have a Macbook that is over 3 years old, works great, but there maybe some new technology available come this time next year that I may want to take advantage.

    I'm planning on a new Mac Purchase, probably around Dec 2011 (Due to funds).

    I have a White Macbook 2.2 gzh, with a upgraded 320 gb, 7200 rpm HDD and 4gb of ram. It has the standard Intel GMA graphics.

    I use it like a desktop, connected to external mouse, keyboard and monitor. Uses are: textmate for PHP, SQL, CSS and HTML, terminal for linux/unix remote work and some photoshopping. I also use it for general everyday surfing but am starting to use my newly gifted iPad for that.

    I mostly use it for web development, college work (papers, research etc...){I live at home and do not like to take it places.}, some Java Development but I do that more on Lab machines then my Mac, general web usage (email, facebook, YouTube).

    All you Mac Mini owners, can you please weigh in on what you think of the Mac Mini?

    A couple questions:

    1) My Macbook fan kicks in really high when streaming youtube/flash videos, any issues with that?
    2) How do you like HDMI output?
    3) Is it a pretty quite machine?
    4) How's the performance?

    If you use Photoshop and stuff like that, please rate what you think of the Mac Mini for all that.

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    iMac, late 2012 model, 21"
    I may be of some help to you. I have the MacBook you own (same specs and everything), and I own a Mac mini. I should specify though that I own a late 2009 mini, which is the one that came out before the recent redesign.

    1) My Macbook fan kicks in really high when streaming youtube/flash videos, any issues with that?
    Not really. My mini is whisper quiet, even when running Flash content on the web.

    2) How do you like HDMI output?
    No comment. My mini doesn't have one. If I were to hook it up to my home theater, I'm sure it would come in handy though.

    3) Is it a pretty quite machine?
    See the answer to question 1. It is a very quiet machine.

    4) How's the performance?
    It's good enough. It's certainly better than the MacBook we both own. Probably the biggest improvement is probably the integrated graphics chip. Mine doesn't have the new 320M chip from Nvidia, but it's still markedly better than the MacBook in this regard. I don't know for sure if it will suit your specific needs, but it's good if your needs are mostly basic things like e-mail, web surfing, and media consumption.

    I hope that helps.

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