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Thread: Stiff Apple mouse wire

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    Stiff Apple mouse wire
    The wired Apple mouse that came with my new iMac has an incredibly stiff cable. It is beyond a mere annoyance. It really interferes with my work. It obscures keys. It gets hung up on the bottom of the extended keyboard and drags it across my desk. It even tangles with my telephone handset's coiled cord.

    This is quite a departure from the nicely flexible wire on the Pro Mouse that came with my old eMac and lies flat on the desk!

    Apple Care was incredibly polite, yet unhelpful.Their suggestions were to buy an aftermarket mouse with a more flexible cable or take my mouse to the nearest Apple Store and "show it to them."

    I'd use my old Pro Mouse, but it is intermittent---and I've become accustomed to the little trackball thing on the new mouse.

    Shared experiences/suggestions appreciated.

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    Well, I found it annoying as well so I went wireless. Get yourself a Magic mouse, or if you like the ball on top get a wireless Mighty Mouse. That will surely solve your problem.
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    ^^ +1

    It's been annoying me for ages and I have now gone the Magic Trackpad route, which is brilliant. Do yourself a huge favour and go and test a wireless mouse and a trackpad, and then decide.
    I have no idea why Apple made the wire like this, perhaps it's deliberate!
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    What they said. The thought of having to use a wired mouse in this day and age makes me sick. LOL.

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