I am running a mac pro dual quad core with OSX 10.5.8. Recently had a problem with the mouse though it is not the mouse at fault. In Finder, I get the right click menu options whether I right or left click. I cannot click on files or apps. If I have an app open, the menu options are fine i.e. right click does what I expect it to. If I reboot it fixes itself but not for long. I left the machine off for a couple of weeks as I was away. When I booted it up it was fine for a couple of weeks now it has started again. Tried installing OS on a different drive and booting from that, still happens. Also tried an apple mouse, same issue. Also started having issues with CS3 & 5. Not sure if it's related, had CS3 on here since I bought the machine. Sometimes when I open multiple files in either I get the grey screen of death and the multi lingual message that I must power off the machine. Even if I am not using CS3 or 5 but one is open, this sometimes happens. I can't be certain if the issue first appeared after installing CS5. I have had this issue with the mouse before but a reboot would sort it out for months in the past. Today I have had the grey screen of death twice when using CS 5 & then 3, then voila, the mouse click issue reappears. Related, who knows? I love weird intermittent issues, don't you?