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    iMac and 2 seperate Monitors?
    Hi guys my knowledge is a little limited when it comes to this but I have a question for you guys. I run a small recording studio in my basement and here is ultimately what I am trying to accomplish. I have two seperate flat panel monitors, both of which have the vga plugs. I purchased the mini display to vga adapter to at least get one of the monitors hooked up. I would like to have monitor number 2 be an extention of monitor number 1 (the iMac) but I would like to have monitor number 3 be a mirrored image of number 1. I would like to have a screen in my vocal booth so the artist can see what I am doing. Please help me figure this out if it is at all possible. Thank you in advance!!


    I forgot to mention that I have a 24" iMac running OSX 10.5.8 if that at all matters. Thanks guys.

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    Do a Google search for "Matrox" of the best options for multiple external monitors on an iMac (but it may be a bit expensive).

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