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    Question Move drive from older Mac to iMac
    My father-in-law has an older Mac, I believe it's a Performa 5200. He only uses is to type and print letters, or for writing his poetry (HEY, he's 83 years old and a Marine Staff Sargent from the Korean War, he's earned his right to write his poetry ). He's been given an iMac from his daughter, but he won't give up his older Mac due to all of his 'writings' are on in. Is it possible to remove the hard drive from the older Performa and mount it to the iMac to transfer the data to the new machine? If not, is there an easy way to facilitate this transfer? We're afraid the Mac will just not start one day, or that we won't get cartridges for his printer.

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    If it's a Performa 5200, from Googling, it uses an IDE connector for the hard drive, whereas the new iMas all have SATA. Can't put it in a new iMac unfortunately. Hmmmmm.... Your best bet would be get an external enclosure and throw it in there and then connect it to his new iMac.

    And thanks to your dad for his service.
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