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Thread: More Ram?

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    More Ram?
    Hi All

    I dont know much about computers, so I appreciate any advice I can get. I plan to be getting a new IMac in the near future. A friend of mine told me to "get more Ram, you won't regret it". But I also know he lives on his computer. So just looking for advice.

    I plan to do the basic computer "stuff". Surf the web, email,word processing, spreadsheets. I'm not really a gamer, don't really use my computer to watch tv/movies. The one thing I do enjoy is photo editing/slideshows. (at this point I plan on sticking with ILife to do this sort of thing)

    So my question than is, do you think I am fine with the 4G or Ram, or should I upgrade to the 8? I'd prefer not to spend the money if I dont have to, but if as my friend says you really think I won't regret it, I might be willing?

    As an aside if one day I do upgrade to Appeture, will I notice a difference than?

    Thanks for any opinions or advice.

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    4Gb should be fine for you. I use Aperture right now with 4 Gb and it runs fine. You probably won't notice the upgrade to be honest and I doubt you will use it all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jayne_cobb View Post
    "get more Ram, you won't regret it".
    You will if you spend a fortune on it and don't use it all.

    4GB is more than fine for what you're doing.
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    seems to be an agreement here Thanks for the help.

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    I had 8GB on my Windows machine and it never fell over or slowed down. My new iMac has 4 ... but I decided against the extra 4 from Apple because they wanted 160.

    Novatech does the same thing with a lower spec brand (but FIVE year guarantee), for 39.99.

    I will do that pretty soon

    I work in 3D and 2D Apps all day for a living so I use a lot of Ram.

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    4gb runs well for me seeing I'm a gamer. (real time graphics uses allot of memory and processor power) But 4GB is good.
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