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    I'm ready to dump Bill, but need answers first.
    I was going to get a Mini, but not sure if it's as good for me as an iMac. We're in our 50's, so gaming is not an issue. We just do basic home computing stuff. Have pics and music to store and view/play.Spreadsheets, Word documents, download & view PDF files. Nothing too exciting. Sales guy @ the Apple store told me that I would have to get a Mac mouse and keyboard. Not sure that I believe him, as I read that most brands (ie logitech) are Mac compatible. He was pretty quick to steer us toward the iMac, which comes with the wireless KB & M.(and costs more). I also have a 2010 LCD monitor that has a HDMI port and "normal" monitor port. The same sales guy told me that my monitor wasn't compatible either without an adapter.
    WHAT IS THE TRUTH? My current Windows computer is technologically dated, and I feel that going to a 2.0 core duo 2 or better Mini would be a nice step up. Additionally, we would moving into the stable environment of Mac. However, if an iMac would be a wiser choice, please do advise me so and why or how so.

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    For your needs...just get a Mac-mini. And yes you heard correct (not from the Apple guy)...that you can use almost any USB mouse & keyboard with a Mac-mini.

    The original idea behind the Mac-mini was:

    - first...a low cost computer
    - second...for folks that already have a keyboard, mouse, and monitor (just like you have by the way it sounds)...was to save money by not having to re-purchase those items. You will probably need a $19-$29 dollar video adapter to use your monitor (you would need this with almost any monitor).

    To be fair...a "Macintosh" keyboard would be good to have (since some keys are marked differently)...and for someone new to Macintosh computers...a Macintosh keyboard could help with the easy learning curve. If you don't like the Apple keyboards (design or price)...there are "Mac" keyboards made by other manufacturers.

    With all this being said...the newest Mac-mini is really a pretty power-packed computer. Much better than previous Mac-Minis. I think that you'll be very pleased with a Mac-mini...and I think that you'll find it hard to believe how portable the Mac-mini is...and how much computing power is packed into such a small package!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bucky1 View Post
    Sales guy @ the Apple store told me that I would have to get a Mac mouse and keyboard.
    Not true. A good idea, yes; required, no.

    I also have a 2010 LCD monitor that has a HDMI port and "normal" monitor port. The same sales guy told me that my monitor wasn't compatible either without an adapter.
    Assuming "normal" means VGA, then he's right IF you wanted to connect it to that port. The current Mac mini already has an HDMI port so he's (probably) wrong that it wouldn't work.

    However, if an iMac would be a wiser choice, please do advise me so and why or how so.
    The iMac is, on all counts, a much nicer computer. Your LCD monitor would look like complete crap (as would any LCD monitor) if you put it next to the LED-backlit iMac screen.

    However, the Mac mini is a perfectly fine home computer that can more than handle home computer tasks as you've described. You can't go wrong with either one IMO.

    I do second his recommendation for at least a Mac keyboard (any Mac-style keyboard will do, doesn't have to be the Apple Bluetooth one) as a time-saver. I personally can no longer remember what I did before the Magic Mouse came along, I utterly love it ... but really any mouse (from any company) will work fine.

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    Agreed pretty much with all the above.

    Supply your own HDMI cable and you should be good to go for connections.
    Chas is probably correct that the iMac screen would blow away your LCD as a monitor, but with older eyes (and assuming this is a TV screen with 720 or 1080p) you might prefer the lower resolution.

    I also would recommend a Mac keyboard. Keep the the mouse you already have if you're not ready for an upgrade. The new Magic Trackpad might be pretty cool though. Ask them to demo it for you when you're at the store.
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    I just got a new Mac Mini (love it). I bought a wired Mac keyboard and a $6 Logitech USB mouse. The Mini comes with a HDMI to DVI connector and I've also used my TV via a HDMI cable. It's a great little machine.

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    I have to agree with the other posts above.

    Both the Mac Mini and iMac are good choices but obviously you would be spending more on an if money isn't a concern you may want to seriously consider the iMac, it is possible to hook up a second monitor to the iMac so you could still use the 2010 LCD Monitor you have.

    It sounds like the Mac Mini would be a good choice for you, especially since you already have the monitor. The Mac Mini has an HDMI connection so you can connect with HDMI cable or use the DVI to HDMI adapter that comes with the Mac Mini to connect with the 'normal' monitor port.

    As others stated, I would suggest going with a Mac keyboard. Mouse is probably fine if you like the one you have.

    I just got myself a Mac Mini last week to hook up to my home theatre system, enjoying it very much so far (already have a MacBook).

    Glad to see someone seeking out opinions on this forum rather than just taking what the sales person says as being 100% accurate.

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