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    explain the whole situation!\
    sort of the rundown..............
    1) have a PowerBook G4 17''.presently & internet connected wirelesly through a belkin g router. )Brighthouse Network(
    2)My new\preowned iMac 7.1 20'' 2.4 ghz 4gb ram 700 gb hd ,was running Safari 10.58 ,10.6@ present & shows being connected in upper right desktop & in network preferences,though Safari says not connectted 2 server,even though powerbook is sitting beside me & is on the web. Previous owner-fella had an iphone with mywi & he straight forwardly believed that has something or maybe all to do with the inability to work on internet using the iMac.
    mywi - web Search done with nodirection nor help

    3) I was thinking in my head.... an N router instead of my present G router...
    AirPort Express?I believe I have an airport express somewher here?
    I am just throwing thoughts out there,not really computer educated,i'm just wise enough to know a **** good machine,when given the choice.|{macintosh}
    I am lost for what decision to make at this juncture. Help or direct if knowledge on his is known

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    NOTE: Thread moved to appropriate forum. Not just anything goes in Anything Goes
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