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    Mac Pro Dragging/Locking Up During File Downloading??
    Within the past week I have been experiencing a problem with my Mac Pro where it drags/locks up and delays anytime I am downloading something. For example if I am downloading something it may take me several times pushing a key when typing to get it to show up or having to click an item or button several times to get a response or for it to work. This applies in all areas or anything I try to do it is not specific to any software. This only happens when downloading though... The files are being saved to an external hard drive so there isn't a problem with hard drive space. The moment everything is downloading everything is back to normal.

    I have had this mac pro for about a year and half never experienced this problem before... The specs for it are 4GB RAM & 2 X 3 GHz Dual Core Processor

    Any ideas or suggestions?? Any help is greatly appreciated!!

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    G;day and welcome to the forums.

    Are you using a download manager to speed things up at all? Specifally Speed Download? Why download to an external drive rather than Downloads in your Home folder, the usual place? Otherwise go into Disk Utility and run Repair Permissions.
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    Well sometimes I download to the home and sometimes to the external. It really hasn't made a difference in the past. I ran repair permissions and I even used IceClean and nothing has made a difference. It is such an odd problem.. I cant even find anything similar online anywhere?? However I did notice that this problem also occurs when uploading as well... So really it happens during download and the uploading process, but when I am not doing either then everything is fine... Also when downloading multiple large files it gets worse and worse??? I have no idea though it really has me thrown?? I have also open up the CPU and blew it out with a can of air.

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