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    Angry iMac G5 logic board problems and untimely deaths????
    I bought an iMac G5 in October, 2004 and it died a miserable death about 8 months later in July 2005. Initially, it was starting up with a gray screen or sometimes a ? screen. After a few days of back and forth, Apple finally took the machine back in and had to replace the logic board (free of charge since it was under warranty).

    I took it in and after first sending me back home saying it was an OS X corruption problem and not a hardware problem, I had to come back to the Apple store when clearly it wasn't (after 3 reinstalls of the OS X, the machine finally died completely and wouldn't boot at all).

    I've read a lot on past months forums about others having trouble with the logic board, perhaps due to faulty parts that burn out, etc. Although I never got a burning smell, seems to be a related problem. Is there any more recent news on this? Is the iMac g5 a dud or what? While I was at the Apple store there was another person in line who had had the exact same problem a few months earlier and there are multiple threads on this forum dedicated to this? Anybody got an answer?

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    I read something not too long ago, that it's the oldest versions of the iMac, 1.8, not the 2.0 versions that have this problem. I would probably pursue it with Apple and have them replace your unit with the 2.0 Ghz one, since it doesn't sound like they have that problem.

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