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creepysuitguy 12-16-2010 12:28 PM

Mac Pro Port Issue
Ok guys, any help would be great, I have an early 2008 2.8 Mac Pro running snow leopard, I am an audio guy so I run a lot of things through firewire and usb.

I have a console connected to my front firewire 400 port and everything has been good until last night I was recording and picked up some clicks and pops, then even while not recording I started getting clicks and pops, at first I thought it was my console, but before I take it to the shop I decided to test it and run the firewire from the console into the rear firewire 400 port on the Mac Pro, after doing this and working for at least an hour I had no clicks or pops, so then to see if maybe it was a glitch or bad connection I reconnected it to the front firewire 400 port and not to my surprise the clicks and pops were back within a a minute or two.

I have tried resetting the ports and everything I can find on apple support, so my question to you guys is this:

Is my front firewire port in need of replacement? Or do you think it is something else? Personally with the rear port working fine I would think it is just the port in need of a replacement but I am not a tech by any means.

Also any ideas on what could have caused this?

Thanks in advance!

chscag 12-16-2010 12:42 PM

This occurs on PCs as well as the Mac Pro. What happens is that machines which have both front panel and rear panel ports get the majority, if not all the usage, from the front panel port. So guess which wear out the fastest? You guessed it...

Not much you can do except maybe swap out the connector itself. I'm not familiar with how the port connectors are setup on the Mac Pro but you should be able to figure it out after removing the covers.

creepysuitguy 12-16-2010 12:48 PM

See thats the thing, I have had the front and rear panels hooked up the same amount of time and I usually never disconnect anything that is plugged into them, thats why it doesn't make sense it just decided to die on me.

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