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    Question Mac Mini first startup issue
    Hey guys, i`ve just bought the new Mac Mini, first Mac i have besides the iphone, i`ve also bought the apple keyboard and track pad, both wireless. When i first turned on my Mac Mini it does not get into the wizard to startup, it simply stops on a screen that looks like a desktop with a green switch to be pushed up as per a arrow instruction. pls see the image below:

    mac mini screen.JPG

    I need a help to understand what it means and get to use my Mac Mini.

    Is it a problem that i need to go back to Apple Store?

    thanks in advance.

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    It's looking for the wireless mouse and asking you to turn it on.

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    Did you just purchase the Mini and using your own keyboard and mouse? What Floraneg said is right, it's looking for a mouse.

    What mouse and keyboard do you have? Are they USB or Wireless? If USB are the plugged in?

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