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    Early Mac Pro - Video Card replacement - Help please!
    Hey Guys

    So about a year ago, my department inherited an early 2007 mac pro and 2 30" cinema displays (yeah - the dept where the computer was didn't know how to deal with macs and were going to throw it away...SCORE!)

    Anyways, the video card is dying (brought it to apple store to diagnose) and I need to replace. this gets unnecessarily complicated because of the following points:

    1) I have no choice but to order from PC/Mac connection
    2) older mac pro is PCI express (not 2.0)
    3) I haven't done component compatibility in a while (my imac and macbook pro are happy just the way they are!)
    4) HAS to be dual link DVI for the 30" monitor (only using one)

    I found this at PC connection:

    Mac Connection - Detail

    It doesn't expressly say it's mac compatible, but I feel like I have it right. If yall could sanity check me, and/or suggest something better in the sub $200 - $400 category that will definitely work I'd really appreciate it!

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    That is not a Macintosh video card (in the link). If you "click" on the "specs" tab in that link you states that it's only a "Windows" card.

    A couple cards that you can use are:

    - NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT
    - ATI Radeon X1900 XT
    - NVIDIA Quadro FX 4500

    There may be others as well...but you have to be VERY careful that they are PCIe 1.0 compatible. I'm afraid that if you NEED to purchase from PC/Mac Connection...they're probably not going to carry the video cards I mentioned above (because they are 4 year-old cards).

    Let me need a "Macintosh" video card...not a "Windows" video card.


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    Better still is the nVidia GeForce 8800GT with 512MB memory and there is a version for the 1.1 Mac Pro.

    Here is one which states it is for the 1st generation Mac Pro. You will also need a PCI-e cable.
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    Definitely bookmarking this thread. I have that Mac Pro and suspect the NVIDIA 7300 GT may be dying. Works fine unless I try to run with two displays. last time I looked at another 7300 the cost was a bit nuts. Seems like for the price I could have gotten a newer card.

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    Don't know if you've already upgraded, but the official Apple HD5770 card will drop right in and works perfectly. All you need is 10.6.4 or better. Best of all it's only 250 bucks brand new. Kinda kicks the ebay card hackers down a notch ;-)

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