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    Smile Fans continually running even when machine idle
    I am new to mac forums and looking for feedback on the new imac i have just purchased.

    This is an imac 2.8 GHz intel Core i5 with SSD

    Although the fans are quiet they are continually running even when the machine is idle and are audible in a quiet environment.

    Is this normal for an imac with SSD, or should they power down when not required


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    Welcome to the Mac Forums.

    Fans should be running as long as the machine is powered up. Normal Fan speed at idle varies with the model of Mac you have but generally it should be in the neighborhood of 1800 to 2000 RPM @ 47 to 55 degrees C.

    You can check all those readings by installing the free SMCFanControl application. Just use SMC to monitor the settings, not to change them.

    A better application for checking on all your computer's vitals is iStat Menus but it's not free. It's what I use and well worth the $16 registration license.

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    Smile SSD imac i5 cooling fans continuously running
    Thanks for the information
    I will download the SMCFanControl and check the fans performance as you suggested.

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    As chscag said, iStat is better and is worth the bucks.

    At idle, my Mac Pro fan speeds vary between 499 RPM CPU fan and 599 RPM power supply and exhaust and are silent at these speeds.
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