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    Power Mac G5 - 4 Displays?

    I have a Power Mac G5 2.0x2 desktop. And I'm trying to figure out if it is possible to run 4 displays at the same time.

    What graphics card(s) setup could I buy to give me 4 separate functioning displays.

    Im basically trying to run 2 for my work space, and 2 that will have information my office can read off of. All running off my Power Mac G5.

    Thanks any help would be great!

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    There were several variations of the Dual 2 GHZ G5 and the graphics cards were either NVIDIA or ATI. I don't know which graphics card your has without a bit more detail. It should be able to take a second graphics card assuming that you have an open PCI slot. My first suggestion would be to open system profiler and look in the graphics section to see which card you have already installed. You might be able to find the match for that card though that is not absolutely necessary. With a bit more details we can figure that out,

    Some of the cards that will fit the G5 are getting to be a bit pricy but there are probably some bargains still out there -- especially if you don't need some of the higher performing cards. When looking for cards make sure the card is for Macs. A card made for the PC will not work without being flashed for Mac. A bigger pain than it's worth IMHO.

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