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Thread: IMAC Screen burn

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    Sep 04, 2009
    IMAC Screen burn
    Anyone else experiencing screen burn or whatever people are calling these days?

    I have a 24in IMac bought in 9/09 and I have a blended line going from top to bottom of the screen. If I have a white back ground you can't notice it but any darker color or picot you can. Occasionally if safari sits in the same spot for a long time I get the burn as well but it eventually goes away this line distortion doesn't seem to be going away. I will see if i can take apiculture of the screen to show it.

    I don't leave my screen on at night, goes to sleep etc, I also use a screen saver after 20 minutes of inactivity.

    I spoke with apple support and they want me to bring it in and of course it's not under warranty anymore. Not sure if it can be fixed or not but it sucks as I am a switcher from windows and hated paying what I paid for this mac but I felt I was getting a better machine. I never had display issues with my samsung monitor on my windows machine.

    If anyone has any suggestions they are appreciated.


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    From memory (mine) there were problems with the displays on some of the 24" iMac machines that were sold around the time of yours.

    I would take it on in to Apple and see what they say. Those defective 24" iMac units were replaced by Apple for free at the time. I have no idea if yours is exhibiting the same problem or not or whether Apple is still replacing them for free.

    It does, however, sound like (from your description) that the display may be defective. Let us know.

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    Sep 04, 2009
    I am hoping to take this machine after the 1st of the year.

    But I have been turning the machine off at night and it seems to help dramatically and using a screen save from the moment I leave the machine has helped as well, but still disappointing.

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