I am going crazy trying to get this iMac up and running! Hopefully, someone can help. I got a iMac, G3, 233mHz, tray loading machine. I replaced the hard drive with a 120GB Western Digital drive and replaced the battery.

I followed all the proceedures including: zapping the P-RAM (multiple times), initialized the drive (7.5GB first partition), went into the firmware and reset the nvram, reset the CUDA switch.

I was able to load OS 9.2.1 successfully. I chose the proper start up disk, and restarted. All I got was the flashing ? and the OS icon. The system folder is blessed. So I put the OS cd in waited until the icon stopped blinking, ejected the cd. The screen went gray, then another flashing disk came up. If I hold down the power button for a few seconds, the happy mac comes up, and it starts. Why is it doing this, and what can I do to rectify the situation. I am giving this machine to my uncle and his family that I have convinced to "switch". Please help. Thanks!