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Thread: G5 death

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    G5 death
    A couple of months ago I came into my room to find my late 2004 G5 completely turned off. I tried to turn it on and nothing. Over and over again nothing. No fans, no clicks, nothing at all. Iím pretty broke so I set it to the side to weigh my options and save some up money. One day, not too long after this, my monitor, which I still attached to my laptop, was off and the same thing; I tried to hit the on button over and over again and nothing. This lead me to begin believing that one of my outlets is prone to surging and had made victims of my antiquated equipment.

    Over the weeks I finally narrowed my problem down to a power supply issue and even bought a mutimeter, learned how to use it, and checked for voltage on the power supply. Sure enough it was getting no voltage whatsoever. I then found a used power supply, which matched my power supplyís specifications, on Ebay and today I received it, tested it and put it in. While it was outside of the unit I plugged it in and heard a double click. Then I checked it with the multimeter and got voltage readings as expected, at least I think as expected. But when I finally reassembled the unit all I got was the power supply double click and nothing else.

    As you can tell I am an extreme newbie here but also an insolvent newbie, otherwise I would never have attempted this. From what I have been reading it may be a logic board problem but all the logic board problems seem to also have some part of the computer still working. Like they get fan movement or the power button led light whereas I still get nothing at all. This may be as simple as a wrong connection somewhere but I really have no idea now. My problem is that I really donít want to take another stab at this unless I have some certainty as to what is going on. Is there any way to test the logic board by itself? Is the power supply still to blame? Does my computer hate me because I stored porn files on my hard drive?

    Any help would be great.

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    Anytime you change a power supply you must be certain that it is an exact replacement. It's possible that more damage was done to the machine, however, it's likely that the PS you bought was not the right one for your G5. And if the logic board is bad it would not be worth repairing.

    My advice is to put the G5 away and save your money for a new machine or a used one that's working.

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