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Thread: RAM upgrades hellpppp

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    RAM upgrades hellpppp
    hi i have ibook g3 power book and its slow on the internet and sometimes on the normal computer apps what can i do can i upgrade my RAM or what other option do i have? please help

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums
    I you want to upgrade your RAM, the best website to look at is (make sure you select your country in the top right of the website), the website can scan your computer and tell you exactly which RAM you need and how much it can support and even the links to buy it.
    This is pretty much your best option (there are little options you have for upgrading laptops, and even more so the G3 Powerbook).

    - Simon

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    G'day and welcome to the forums Danny.

    Further to what the buzzard has said, you really must acknowledge the G3 PowerBook is going to be awfully slow on the net and more memory will not make that much difference alas. Similar advic by others to a much faster iMac G3 400MHz processor:-

    Your best option is to start saving for something a lot, lot faster. Apologise if this upsets you but it is what you do need to know.

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