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    Mac Mini for iTunes server?
    Right now I'm using an old Mini-ITX WinXP machine to run iTunes which is used in conjunction with ATV-2 and my other Windows machines for music. Basically a media server.

    Problem is the PC is unreliable and locks up, freezes etc.

    Was thinking of replacing this with a Mac Mini if they are more stable. If so would it matter which one I got - buying used. Certain specs to look for?


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    Always to good to get at least an Intel CPU version so you have OS upgrade options. Were it me, I'd try to find a good deal on one with a Core 2 Duo CPU so you can run contemporary software and OS's. It wouldn't hurt to select a model that accepts 4GB or 677Mhz RAM as well. Some of the older systems have a DVI port instead of HDMI, whic is a good thing for some folks. The DVI doesn't have many of the DMCA protections baked in so if you connect to a TV at some point, you may have less issues. Good luck!
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