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    howto Unlock Apple wireless keyboard
    Hi everybody!
    I have an IMAC running snow leopard and I use a magic mouse and a wireless keyboard. In the last two month I have been having some troubles with the keyboard, while I was working, suddenly all the keys from the keyboard are locked, only the main buttons like "esc" and the shorcuts for the dashboard, spaces, lights and sounds respond to my command, but the rest of the keyboard it's just like locked.

    Today my keyboard it's completely locked, can somebody help me?I don't know exactly what is happening, probably I press some button that locked my keyboard, or I don't know, but aparently the keyboard it's not damaged beacuse I still having a response from all the buttons of the top of the keyboard and the bluetooth recognizes it.

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    G'day and welcome to the forums.

    Check lock F6 has not been accidentally engaged. That disables typing.

    Also check you have not selected password required when waking from sleep in System Preferences > Security.

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    thanks for the answer!
    but i don't understand, how exactly does F6 disables typing?
    my imac it's configurated so if I press F6 I go to the desktop

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